It presents information related to the speed variation during the operation carried out in the selected period. 

Available information in Legend

Area - displays the areas delimitation (plot, sector, farm) registered in system.
- Area [hectare].

- Range [km/h] - range (5 ranges) of speed during the harvest process;
- Duration [h: min: sec] - time spent along the course;
- Percentage [%] - percentage of time spent on each course range.

Available information in Report
- Total area [hectare].

- Total duration [h: min: sec] - total time spent during the harvest process;
- Total traveled distance [km];
- Average speed [km h]; 

- Average speed per machine [km/h];
- Average speed per operator [km/h].

Additional functions
- Legend edition for setting the ranges; 
- Zoom control ( '+' and '-' and function 'Shift' + selecting the desired area with the mouse); 
- Full-screen view; 
- Summarized report; 
- Map centralization using the 'planet' icon; 
- Show/hide legend; 
- Drawing an area.