Clicking on the point of the Machine during the operation will open a pop up with all available information (the same ones in the sidebar).
Besides it, other information concerning the operation are also available (only in the pop up):

Operator Data
- Customer;
- Operator;
- ID Number.

- Machine;
- Model/Year;
- Brand:
- Machine Type;
- Serial Number.

Machine Data
- Speed;
- Engine Rotation;
- Engine Temperature;
- Hour Meter;
- Fuel Consumption.

Operation Data

- Programmed Dose;
- Instant Dose;
- Partial Volume;
- Accumulated Volume;
- Partial Area;
- Accumulated Area;
- Accumulated Spray Time;
- Spraying Pressure;
- Wind Speed;
- Humidity;
- Room Temperature.


Note: in order to obtain the weather-related information, the machine requires stations installed on it that are not supplied in standard models. If desired, they can be purchased as an optional item from Jacto.