1- Access the system and select the type of the 'Map' on the header ('Harvest' or 'Spraying'); 
2- Select the 'Theme' of the 'Map' you want to view;

3- In 'Period', click on (edit) to select the period of days. A pop-up will be opened with 'Initial date' and 'Final date' which shall be selected by clicking on . The maximum range allowed for selection is 7 (seven) days. The days with activities will be presented in green color. Click on  to apply the period;


4- Select the desired machine(s) in 'Machines';
5- Select the desired operator(s) in 'Operators';
6- Select the Farm, Plot or Sector in 'Area'; 

Note: keep in mind that the 'Machines', 'Operators' and 'Areas' will be available for selection according to the selected 'Period'. E.g.: suppose that in the 'Period' selected from Feb 01st, 2014 – Feb 07th, 2014 only the 'Operator 1' has worked with 'Machine 2' in 'Plot 1'. Therefore, the 'Operator 2', 'Machine 1' and 'Plot 2' will not be available for selection, as there was no activity recorded for them. 

Note 2: the system takes a while (a few seconds) to process the items selected in the filter. Thus, click on each box you want to select and wait until the clover  in the right lower part of the screen disappears to select another item. The clover  spinning indicates that the system is in process. If any other selection is made ​​at that time, an error might occur in selection.

7- In case you do not want to view the entire Period range set in Step 1, select the days individually in 'Days';

8- In ‘Layers’, select the layer(s) you want to apply;

9- Click on  so that the map data are loaded on the screen;
10- The data will be loaded on the screen with their respective colors (chosen randomly by the system) and a window with the 'Legend' will appear on the screen. You can also view 'Pop Ups' and 'Report' on this screen;
11- In case you want to remove the filters, simply click on 'Clear filters' right below .