It presents information related to harvest productivity for K3 and K3500 machines already converted into coffee bags.
Productivity is determined by the conversion factor and the Productivity Map geometry is displayed as square-shaped cells.

Available information in Legend
Area - displays the areas delimitations (field plot, sector, farm) registered in system.  
- Area [hectare].

- Range [bag/hectare] - range (5 ranges) of bags harvested per hectare;
- Bags [bag] - quantity of bags harvested on each range;
- Percentage [%] - percentage of harvested bags on each of the 5 ranges.

Available information in Report
- Total area [hectare].

- Total area [hectare] - total harvested area;
- Bags quantities [bag].

Additional functions
- Legend edition for setting the ranges; 
- Zoom control ( '+' and '-' and function 'Shift' + selecting the desired area with the mouse); 
- Full-screen view; 
- Summarized report; 
- Map centralization using the 'planet' icon; 
- Show/hide legend; 
- Drawing an area.