The side menu also brings information regarding each machine in operation, as shown in the following image.

Operator – information regarding the operator who is using the selected machine;

Machine Name – information about the machine's registration such as name, model and year;

Last Connection – date and time of the last connection with the machine;

GPS Accuracy – quality of GPS connection during the monitoring process. Any of the following information might be displayed:
- No precision
- Standalone
- DGPS - technique used to improve the positioning or navigation accuracy by determining the positioning error in a known location and subsequently incorporating a correction factor for the position calculations from another receiver operating in the same area and simultaneously tracking the same satellites. It is a system that transmits signals to help increasing the accuracy of GPS positioning (Source: GTOP).  
- RTK - means Real Time Kinematic and combines satellite navigation technology to a radio modem or a GSM phone for instant corrections (Source: MundoGEO).
- XP - an innovative technology that provides high GNSS positioning precision without using a traditional RTK station. The XP correction provides a precision of 8-12 cm (GEOAGRI).

Location - machine’s coordinates;

Speed ​​- machine speed during operation in km/h;

Engine rotation - engine rotation during the operation in rpm;

Fuel consumption - fuel consumption in L/h;

Wind speed - in km/h;

Air humidity – in %;

Room temperature - in ° C.

Note: in order to obtain weather-related information, the machine requires stations installed on it that are not supplied in standard models. If desired, they can be purchased as an optional item from Jacto.

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