1- Access 'Areas' in the 'Administration' menu; 

2- Click on 'Create farms'. A pop up will be opened to fill out the Farm information; 

3- Fill out the Name (required) field; 

4- The Nominal Area is an optional field. Fill it out in case you consider it necessary;

5- Select the State (required) in which the Farm is located;

6- Once the State is selected, the list of its Cities will be loaded. Select the desired City (required); 
7- Click on  to create the new Farm; 

8- The created farm will be displayed in the map’s left sidebar and will be available for selection in system; 

  1. Click on'Drawing areas' to delimitate the 'Farm', 'Plot' or 'Sector' areas linked to the farm created in item 2;

Note: 'Plot' corresponds to a certain area/land intended for agricultural activity. 'Sector' corresponds to a set of plots (determined by the farmer to better manage his/her agricultural activities). 'Farm' corresponds to the set of all productive agricultural areas (plots and sectors).

10- Select the desired 'Farm' (required), the 'Area' (required), the 'Area Type (required), the 'Name' of the area to be created (required), the' Nickname', the 'Color' and the 'Initial Date' and the 'Final Date' (optional);

Note: the 'Initial Date' and the 'Final Date' are used when it is intended to set a specific time period for a certain area. E.g.: activities in 'Plot 01' will only take place within a certain season in the period of Feb 01st, 2015 to May 31st, 2015. Therefore, 'Plot 01' will be available for use only in that set time period. The information for checking purposes will be only available for that set period as well.

11- Click on in 'Drawing Control' to enable the area drawing tool;

12- Use the round shape to delimitate the desired area by clicking with the mouse in each point. After finishing the delimitation of the desired area, double click with the mouse to conclude it. The area color will change from blue to orange;

13- Click on . The created area will be tied to the selected Farm and will be available for use.